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La Ría2 Star Hotel

Marqués De Villaviciosa, 5, 33300 Villaviciosa

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The large rooms have wooden floors, very much appreciated, antique-style furniture and colourful rugs, To the east of Bragança is the small town of Babe. It was here in 1387 that the Portuguese King João I made the "Treaty of Babe" with John of Gaunt of England who agreed to relinquish any desires for claim on the throne of Portugal upon the marriage of his daughter Phillipa to João I. Visitors appreciate the hotel occupies a historic building in the Asturian town of Villaviciosa, The Romans gave the name of "Juliobriga" to the original fortified village. Bragança grew in importance due to its location and rich agriculture so this fortification was improved upon especially in the time of King Dom Afonso I who constructed a proper walled citadel for his brother-in-law Fernão Mendes. Completed around 1130 the place was then renamed "Brigantia". King Afonso IX of León occupied the town and soon King Sancho I retook possession and built the castle that still remains. This town also gave its name to the last in the royal Portuguese lineage, the House of Bragança, that descended from the an illegitimate son of Dom João I who was created a Duke in 1442. The tower of the castle was to become a place of imprisonment or refuge for many historic personages including Dona Sancho, the unfortunate wife of its constructor. The town played its strategic part in many battles between the two Kingdoms of Portugal and Spain. It was also the location in which General Sepúlveda in 1808 called upon the local inhabitants to resist against the invasion of the French forces. It offers rooms with free Wi-Fi, and above all, coffee makers and a safe, Description of Bragança. There is also a laundry service, very much appreciated, as well as free internet terminals, The Transmontana tourist area is basically a region covering the north-east to the central-east part of Portugal, and covering areas know as the Trás-os-Montes, Beira Alta and Beira Baixa. The main towns of this vast Transmontana area are Bragança, Castelo Branco, Chaves, Guarda, Vila Real and Viseu. Most of these towns are close to the Portuguese border to Spain and have been historically much involved in defending the kingdom. The only other main town in this region is Covilhã which was a popular settlement for shepherds and was granted its status as a town in 1166. It later developed as a centre for the textile industry but in more recent history was a health resort due to its good air and waters. They also have cable TV, highly valued, a minibar and a bathroom with hairdryer, Of outstanding natural beauty is the national park of Montesinho that lies to the north of Bragança. This reserve covers some 70.000 hectares of wild terrain basically unspoilt by modern humanity. Locally termed Terra Fria, which is Cold Land,, the Park rises to a mountain range touching 1.481 metres. Vegetation is sparse on the upper slopes that then descend into valleys of oak, willow and alder trees. Wildlife in the shape of golden eagles, falcons, wolves, otters and wild boar still enjoy their freedom. The quaint typical village of Vinhais lying to the west of Bragança is an ideal location to obtain the spectacular panoramic views of this Park. Horses and mountain bikes can be hired locally. The “Dovecotes” of the area with their horseshoe shaped roofs are a realistic reminder of medieval times. They are specially built dove houses that as well as being a form of food also provide fertilizer droppings for growing crops. Between Bragança and Vinhais is the Mosteiro de Castro de Avelãs dating from the 12th Century but now virtually in ruins. This monastery held the main religious power in the region during its heyday. Customers appreciate the hotel has a tour desk to help you plan your stay, History of Bragança. The coast is just 5 km away, The citadel has been well preserved throughout the centuries and within its walls are various historic items of interest. The 12th Century “Domus Municipalis” which until the 16th Century was used as a reservoir for water and then converted into a building that was used as a civic court for disputes between tradesmen and landowners. The manner in which the arguments were settled is left to the imagination. Nearby is the Church of Santa Maria that was extensively reconstructed in the 18th Century from the original building dating back to 1580. The first church was named Nossa Senhora do Sardão, which is Our Lady of the Green Lizard!,, the creature said to protect the inhabitants from the Moors. Close to the walls of the castle in the adjoining garden is a medieval pillory in the unusual shape of a pig being skewered which dates back to Celtic period. Outside the walls in the Rua dos Fornos is the Jewish quarter that was formed by Jews fleeing from Spain and North Africa in the 15th Century. They were responsible for starting the local silk industry. In the Museu do Abade de Baçal is a variety of items including some medieval torture instruments and in the gardens outside some archaeological finds are on display including tablets with Luso-Roman inscriptions. The Church of São Vicente is reputed to be the location in which the secret wedding of King Dom Pedro and Inês de Castro took place. Originally a 13th Century structure it was rebuilt in the 17th Century with several rich adornments. The Church of São Bento dates back to the 16th Century with some 18th Century additions. Villaviciosa is about 20 km from Gijón and about 40 km from Oviedo, Bragança - Nearby Locations. The Picos de Europa Mountain Range is about 40 km away, To the south east of Bragança is the historic town of Miranda do Douro that sits above the gorge of the Rio Douro on the border of Spain. Due to its strategic position it suffered an uneasy history including an explosion of its gunpowder store in 1762. This event virtually destroyed the castle and much of the town and many of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, at the time the town was surrounded by a French army of some 30,000 who quickly took advantage of the situation. From this date onwards its importance as a point of defence against invading armies was discarded., Directly to the south of Bragança in this region known as Trás-os-Montes, there is the quaint typical village of Chacim whose history is linked to a legend dating from the 9th Century that is still celebrated today. The villagers rose up in revolt against the ancient practiced right of "jus primae noctis", which is the local nobleman taking the bride on her wedding night, . Assisted by a mysterious woman the villagers successfully slaughtered the offending lord and his servants. Nearby is the Spa Caldas de Albelheira. Further to the south is Vila Flor, a small town with an attractive atmosphere with ruins of its 13th Century castle and close to another Spa, Aquas Bem Saúde. Southwards is Torre de Moncorvo that has the largest 16th Century Church in the whole province and near this town is the Vale do Cõa that boasts the world’s largest known collection of open-air Stone Age drawings that are estimated to be about 20.000 years old. These drawings feature bulls, horses, fish and a naked man and the area can be visited with the assistance of a guide., Description of Chaves, The City is bordered to the west by the beautiful remote region of Serra do Barroso and its ancient main town of Montalegre. Here the visitor will find a 27 meter high Keep of the 14th Century ruined castle. The small village of Boticas with its associated Spa of Carvalheiros is located closer to Chaves and has an unusual custom. During the invasion of the French army in 1809 the local inhabitants buried their locally produced wine in the ground rather than let it fall into the hands of the enemy. After the departure of these invaders the wine was retrieved and found to have improved in quality. It was nicknamed “vinho dos mortos”, which is wine of the dead,, and this practice has now become a routine leaving the wine underground for a period of about two years. The popular Spa Town of Vidago lies to the southwest of Chaves and even further south is another popular Spa named Pedras Salgadas. At the small village of Soutelo that lies close to the west of Chaves is a strange 50 meter long boulder covered in strange hieroglyphs that perhaps is from Celtic times., The Romans named Chaves as “Aquae Flaviae” around 78 AD after their discovery of the thermal springs and nearby gold deposits. Its fertile surroundings and strategic position marked its early history with various battles and sieges between wandering tribes. The Portuguese eventually took possession of the town from the Moors in 1160. The town was given to Nuno Álvares Pereira by King João I as a reward for defeating the Castilians at the battle of Aljubarrota in 1385. General Silveira in 1809 defeated General Soult with his French invading army here at Chaves and this was the first victory for the Portuguese against the intruders. After the Republicans took control of Portugal in the early 20th Century the city was subject to a failed attack in 1912 from Royalists based in Spain. In 1483 the first published book in the Portuguese language, the "Sacramental", was produced in this town.

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La Ría is a 2 star hotel featuring 5 rooms in total


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Marqués De Villaviciosa, 5
33300 Villaviciosa


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