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Hotasa Lepemar2 Star Hotel

Delfín, s/n, 21449 La Antilla

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7.8 from 60 reviews

With fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean, very much appreciated, the Lepe Mar enjoys a fabulous sea-facing location, The population of approximately 14,000 inhabitants tend to gain their living either working in the tourist industry, fishing, or, trading across the river with their Spanish neighbours. Attached to the Town Hall is a small but interesting museum which is mainly focused on the designs for tins for packaging in the fishing industry. It is a very pleasant and relaxing experience to cross the river by the original ferryboats and visit the Spanish town of Ayamonte. Visitors can take a boat trip upriver to the charming small unspoilt Portuguese town of Alcoutim. Situated right on the beach, highly valued, in the residential area of La Antilla, 6 km from Lepe, The singer/actress Lola Flores was originally from this area, and much to the pride of the locals, often spent her holidays in here. You will be able to play golf and practise all kinds of water sports in Hotasa Lepemars privileged surroundings, Caños de Meca is a small but unspoiled community on the windswept but stunning Costa de la Luz on the Atlantic coast. Deep in the Parque Natural del Acantilado, Caños de Meca has beautiful beaches, backed by cliffs and pine trees. Perched on the cliff-tops straddling the coast road, this sleepy little village is fast waking up to a reputation as a trendy place for beatnik travellers and wave-jumpers to spend the summer. Excellent communications will allow you to visit many interesting places not far from the Lepe Mar such as Isla Cristina, very much appreciated, 5 km away or Portugal, only 20 km away, The origin of the town was as a small fishing port and dates back to Phoenician times when the "Conii" tribe populated the area. Due to the topographical flatness of the area the neighbouring hill of Castro Marim lent itself to a stronger location to fortify. This frontier town with Spain was especially designed and rebuilt after the terrible earthquake of 1755 by the Marquês de Pombal, an very influential Royal Minister in the 18th Century who redesigned the centre of the City of Lisbon due to the same earthquake. Enjoy breakfast in the cheerful restaurant - a great way to start the day, Its almost impossible to escape from the occasional block of flats, but thankfully, there's little modern development. Notice decor with a subtle, and above all, maritime theme which reminds you of the surrounding environment, North of Vila Real de Santo António is Castro Marim that due to its location has played a considerable part in the history of Portugal. This later town was originally chosen as the founding headquarters in 1319 of the 14th Century movement of the Order of Christ. Although the buildings are now in ruins from the effects of the 1755 earthquake it still has the unusual feature of having a castle built within a castle. In the 17th Century a stronger and more defensive stronghold was built on a hilltop just to the north that also still remains. The castle acted as a well-known haven to escapees in the early days from the Spanish Religious Inquisition until the Portuguese also introduced their own Religious Inquisition. From the walls of the castles the view is to the south across the flat lands that are now a nature reserve for birds and plants and this area is known as the Reserva Natural do Sapal. Make a visit to the Doñana National Park - one of the most important protected areas in Europe, Inland, and up river is the interior small unspoilt administrative town of Alcoutim with its ruins of two castles that date back to the Moor occupation of the Algarve, and of which one that is even older dating back at least 1000 years. The King Dinis rebuilt the main castle in 14th Century but it was liberated from Moor occupation in 1238. This small town looks across the River Guadiana at the Spanish town of Sanlúcar and has a local museum. It was at this town that Dom Fernando I signed in 1371 an important Peace treaty with Don Henrique II de Castile. Even further up river is the town of Mértola with its 13th Century castle ruins. The Phoenicians founded this historic town as an inland port, later successfully used by both the Romans and Moors. Perched on a high spur overlooking the River Guadiana this town has many vestiges of the past and a museum housing one of Portugal's best collections of Islamic art., Tavira - Nearby Locations, Vila Real de Santo António - Description, The hub of the city centre today is the palm-lined square, the Plaza de las Monjas, close to the pedestrianized shopping district, along the streets of Concepción to Berdigón. The centre is relatively compact so you can see the sights without having to hop on a bus, although you may want to for the Sanctuario de la Cinta, located 3km out of town., Located on the mouth of the Odiel and Tinto estuary, Huelva has been an important port since the Phoenicians established it as a major trading post. It reached its zenith in the 15th century, however, with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, who recruited local sailors for his voyage and, on his departure and return, prayed to the city's patron saint at the Sanctuario de Nuestra Señora la Virgen de la Cinta. Today he is commemorated in the Monumento a Colón.

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Hotasa Lepemar is a 2 star hotel featuring 73 rooms in total

Food & Beverages

The hotel has a restaurant that serves buffet breakfasts and dinners. You can also grab a bite to eat in the snack bar. Half-board meal plan includes breakfast and lunch buffet, and in summertime includes breakfast and dinner buffet (lunch upon request).


  • Car Hire
  • Fax/Photocopying


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • 24-Hour Front Desk
  • Heating
  • Airconditioning


  • Golf Course (within 3 km)
  • Solarium

Area & travel information


Delfín, s/n
21449 La Antilla


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Hotasa Lepemar

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