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Hôtel Noctuel2 Star Hotel

ZA Puech Radier, rue du Puech Radier, 34970 Lattes

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Hotel Noctuel is housed in a modern style building and offers a warm, very much appreciated, friendly and affordable accommodation, South of place de la Comédie stretches the controversial quarter of Antigone, a chain of postmodern squares and open spaces designed to provide a mix of fair-rent housing and offices, aligned along a monumental axis from the place du Nombre-d'Or, through place du Millénaire, to the glassed-in arch of the Hôtel de la Région. It's more interesting in scale and design than most attempts at urban renewal, but it has failed to attract the crowds away from the place de la Comédie and is often deserted. The enclosed spaces in particular work well, with their theatrical references to classical architecture, like oversized cornices and columns supporting only sky. The more open spaces are, however, disturbing, with something totalitarian and inhuman about their scale and blandness. Hôtel Noctuel is situated 5 minutes from the centre of Montpellier and 10 minutes from the close beach, On the hill at the end of rue Foch, from which the royal artillery bombarded the Protestants in 1622, the formal gardens of the Promenade du Peyrou look out across the city and away to the Pic St-Loup, which dominates the hinterland behind Montpellier, with the distant smudge of the Cévennes beyond. At the farther end a swagged and pillared water tower marks the end of an eighteenth-century aqueduct modelled on the Pont du Gard. Beneath the grand sweep of its double tier of arches is a daily fruit and veg market and a huge Saturday flea market. At the city end of the promenade, a vainglorious triumphal arch shows Louis XIV-Hercules stomping on the Austrian eagle and the English lion, tactlessly reminding the locals of his victory over their Protestant "heresy". It is also easily accessible from the Montpellier Ouest motorway, which is exit N° 31,, Some 28km southeast of Montpellier, twenty minutes away by train, SÈTE has been an important port for three hundred years. Searching for a Sète hotelthis website has a lot of choices. The upper part of the town straddles the slopes of the Mont St-Clair, which overlooks the vast Bassin de Thau, breeding ground of mussels and Oysters, while the lower part is intersected by waterways lined with tall terraces and seafood restaurants. It has a lively workaday bustle in addition to its tourist activity, at its height during the summer joutes nautiques, which is waterjousting, . The rooms provide a comfortable living space and a classic setting, First left off rue de la Loge is Grande-Rue Jean-Moulin, where Moulin, hero of the Resistance, lived at no. 21. To the left, at no. 32, the present-day Chamber of Commerce is located in one of the finest eighteenth-century hôtels, the Hôtel St-Côme, originally built as a demonstration operating theatre for medical students. On the opposite corner, rue de l'Argenterie forks up to place Jean-Jaurès. This square is a nodal point in the city's student life: on fine evenings between 6pm and 7pm you get the impression that the half of the population not in place de la Comédie is sitting here and in the adjacent place du Marché-aux-Fleurs. Through the Gothic doorway of no. 10 of place Jean-Jaurès, is the so-called palace of the kings of Aragon, who ruled Montpellier for a stretch in the thirteenth century. Close by is the Halles Castellane, a graceful, iron-framed market hall. They are all equipped with modern en suite facilities and free Wi-Fi internet access, A short walk from place Jean-Jaurès, the Hôtel de Varenne, on place Pétrarque, houses two local history museums of somewhat specialized interest, the Musée de Vieux Montpellier, which is Tues–Sat 9.30am–noon & 1.30–5pm; free,, concentrating on the city's history, and the more interesting, private Musée Fougau on the top floor, which is Wed & Thurs 3–6.30pm; free,, dealing with the folk history of Languedoc and things Occitan. Off to the right, the lively little rue des Trésoriers-de-France has one of the best seventeenth-century houses in the city, the Hôtel Lunaret, at no. 5, while round the block on rue Jacques Coeur you'll find the Musée Languedocien, which is July–Sept Mon–Sat 2–6pm; Oct–June Mon–Sat 2–5pm; €5,, which houses a very mixed collection of Greek, Egyptian and other antiquities., Though already a prosperous city on the Via Domitia, the main Roman road from Italy to Spain, Nîmes did especially well under Augustus. He gave the city its walls, remnants of which surface here and there, and its gates, as the inscription on the surviving Porte d'Auguste at the end of rue Nationale – the Roman main street – records. He also, indirectly, gave it the chained crocodile of its coat of arms. The device was copied from an Augustan coin struck to commemorate his defeat of Antony and Cleopatra after he settled veterans of that campaign on the surrounding land., Montpellier's city centre – the old town – is small, compact, architecturally homogeneous, full of charm and teeming with life, except in July and August when the students are on holiday and everyone else is at the beach. And the place is almost entirely pedestrianized, so you can walk the narrow streets without looking anxiously over your shoulder., At the hub of the city's life, joining the old part to its newer accretions, is place de la Comédie, or "L'Oeuf" to the initiated. This colossal, oblong square, paved with cream-coloured marble, has a fountain at its centre and cafés either side. One end is closed by the Opéra, an ornate nineteenth-century theatre; the other opens onto the Esplanade, a beautiful tree-lined promenade which ends in the Corum concert hall, dug into the hillside and topped off in pink granite, with splendid views from the roof. The city's most trumpeted museum, the Musée Fabre, has closed for long-term renovation. Visitors will have to wait until 2006 to view its large and historically important collection of seventeenth- to nineteenth-century French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish and English painting, including works by Delacroix, Raphael, Jan van Steen and Veronese., From the north side of L'Oeuf, rue de la Loge and rue Foch, opened in the 1880s in Montpellier's own Haussmann-izing spree, slice through the heart of the old city. Either side of them, a maze of narrow lanes slopes away to the encircling modern boulevards. Few buildings survive from before the 1622 siege, but the city's busy bourgeoisie quickly made up for the loss, proclaiming their financial power in lots of austere seventeenth- and eighteenth-century mansions. Known as "Lou Clapas", which is rubble,, the area is rapidly being restored and gentrified. It's a pleasure to wander through and come upon the secretive little squares like place St-Roch, place St-Ravy and place de la Canourgue.

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Hôtel Noctuel is a 2 star hotel featuring 48 rooms in total


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ZA Puech Radier, rue du Puech Radier
34970 Lattes


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